Freaky Friday: Massive Swarm of Bugs Causes Bridge Closure, Car Crashes

Jun 19, 2015 at 9:25 am |

I don’t like bugs.

The only thing worse than an annoying bug ruining your day is thousands upon thousands of bugs ruining your life. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now in Columbia and Wrightsville, Pennsylvania.

The small towns sit on opposite banks of the Susquehanna River, where the waterfronts are currently being invaded by massive swarms of mayflies. Residents attribute the enormous pest problem to stem from the mayflies’ annual life cycle as well as new lights put across the aptly named Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge.

While the little guys are super small and only live for about a day, the problems they’re causing are unbelievable.

Out of control swarms of the bugs have already caused three motorcycles to crash, and the towns have even had to close the bridge. Piles of dead mayflies are piling up along the road, causing local officials to have to guide traffic slowly, if at all, across the river.

Could you imagine this happening near you? It’s disgusting! Wait till you see the video below; the sound of the mayflies smacking against the windshield is nightmare-inducing.

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If you thought one bug was bad, imagine entire swarms invading your town. DISGUSTING.