First Look: New ‘Star Fox’ and ‘Final Fantasy’ Remake

Jun 17, 2015 at 12:13 pm |

Who doesn’t love when new video games are old school or when old school video games are (now) new?

Some of the most exciting announcements to come out of the gaming world this week are these first looks at Nintendo’s new Star Fox Zero and a Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4.

Shigeru Miyamoto clarified that the new Star Fox for the Wii U is “definitely not a prequel,” but more so a remake of the original 1993 game. Players will have the option to play using both their TV screens and the Wii U, providing various angles and perspectives for gameplay. There’s also the ability to play from an Arwing, a tank, a new walker, and a Gyrowing. Can’t wait to have Fox and the gang back together.

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We still don’t know too much about the Final Fantasy VII remake except that it comes after years and years of fans asking for it to be made. While there’s still no release date, developer Square Enix confirmed at Sony’s E3 that the game will first come out for PlayStation 4 and then for other platforms down the road. The trailer is especially sick:

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The newest video games are some of your favorite old school ones!