Facebook Is Getting Rid of Something Huge… and We Could Not Be Happier!

Oct 29, 2015 at 3:16 pm |

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Source: Twitter @CNN

Every now and then, Facebook rolls out some new changes, much to the chagrin of the habitual user.

In their most recent update, Facebook has announced that it will be removing one very specific feature, and hopefully it will improve your user experience. But will you even notice the difference?

In fact, this feature is so obscure that many of Facebook’s one billion plus users don’t even know it exists. We’re talking about the ‘Other’ inbox, the dark underbelly of the social networking site that has been harboring some secrets you might not even want to know about.

Have you ever seen your Other inbox? It can’t be accessed on your Messenger; you’re going to have to get on a computer or use your internet browser to log onto Facebook to investigate. This is some seriously fun detective work, people.

First step: Either hover over the Messages icon or select See All.

This made my life so easy… Find out how this is going to affect you!