Daenerys ‘Karen’ Targaryen Makes Hilarious Surprise Appearance on Jimmy Fallon

Apr 30, 2015 at 10:39 am |

To everyone’s great surprise, Game of Throne‘s Khaleesi made a surprise guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night, and we learned a whole lot about her that even the most dedicated GoT fans didn’t know before. But on her sojourn from Meereen, why didn’t Khaleesi seem like herself?

Actress and comedienne Kristen Wiig is one of the funniest and most serendipitous women in the industry at the moment. From the second she showed up totally decked out as Daenerys Targaryen, audience members and viewers at home knew they were in for a treat.

With her flowing gown, long silver/blonde hair, and even the dragon on her shoulder, it was funny how much of a dead-ringer Wiig was for everybody’s favorite contender for the Iron Throne. Even devout fans will appreciate how she knew absolutely nothing about Game of Thrones, save for dragons, swords, and magic. Neither she nor Jimmy can take the interview seriously as her faux English accent wavers and she explains how Khaleesi’s real name is Karen, and how her dragon is called “Carli Carleesia,” or Carl for short.

Watching her talk about the Mother of Dragon’s favorite pastimes like playing the mandolin and casting spells reminded me of what it’s like listening to my friends who don’t watch Game of Thrones talk about the show (except that Wiig is funny and they are not).

The Rapid Fire Questions Round will make your sides hurt from laughing so hard, but the best part is when Jimmy tricks her into singing “Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful,” which he calls Khaleesi’s “hit song.” Such good comedy.

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Kristen Wiig makes an incredible Khaleesi. Who cares if she doesn’t know anything about “Game of Thrones”!