Chinese Construction Workers Stumble Upon 43 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs

Apr 21, 2015 at 4:29 pm |

A group of Chinese construction workers were certainly in for the surprise of their lives when they accidentally dug up 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs earlier this month in Heyuan, southern China. At least 19 of the eggs are reported to be fully intact.

The city, known as “Home of the Dinosaurs,” is no stranger to exciting archaeological finds under its very foundation. With a population of nearly three million, over 13,000 dinosaur eggs are said to have been found in the city since 1995. Most of these are said to be from the Late Cretaceous Age between 65 and 100 million years ago.

According to the director of the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum, Du Yanli, “There are fossilized dinosaur eggs everywhere in the red sandstone layer but they were never found because the city was built on top of the layers […] With the recent road and sewage system upgrade, the red sandstone layer is being exposed and has led to the discovery of the fossils.”

How cool is this! As long as they don’t try brining any of them back to life…

Imagine finding this while doing some routine roadwork…