You Have to See This Breathtaking Footage of a Gunshot in Slow Motion

Aug 18, 2015 at 4:40 pm |

mythbusters gunshot slow motion 1

(Photo by YouTube/ Discovery)

Since 2003, MythBusters has been wowing audiences worldwide with the amazing feats of technology, physics, and fun they perform on each episode, imparting a little bit of extra knowledge on each of us when we’re able to confirm whether or not a given rumor is true.

Sometimes, aside from proving or disproving theories like whether cell or not elephants are afraid of mice (they are), or if a penny tossed off the Empire State Building could kill someone (it couldn’t), the MythBusters just use cool technology to perform even cooler stunts and see what the result is.

In this incredible video, we get to see what a gunshot looks like at 73,000 frames per second. That’s 73,000 frames per second. For comparison, your average slow motion shot is played at 48 frames per second, meaning that this gunshot 1,500+ times slower than that. And the final product is actually stunning.

It’s amazing to see the fire and smoke form what look like miniature mushroom clouds around the barrel of the gun, something we only ever see in cartoons or action movies.

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I didn’t know a gunshot actually looked like this…