Best Dad in the World Builds Incredible Custom IKEA Bed for Son

Sep 29, 2015 at 2:54 pm |

ikea hacks bed

Source: YouTube @Eric Strong

When Eric Strong’s son was getting too big for his toddler bed, he decided not to buy your run of the mill big boy bed, so he took matters into his own hand instead.

As anyone decorating their home or apartment on the cheap knows, IKEA is the go-to spot for economical and trendy furniture. Some IKEA experts may even know a trick or two–affectionately dubbed “IKEA hacks”—to help morph two or more products into something even greater. Strong, however, did the ultimate IKEA hack, immediately earning him a spot as contender for best dad of the year.

Taking just four pieces of furniture from IKEA, some of his own ingenuity, and a whole lot of love for his son, Strong created the ultimate dream bed that any little kid—okay, or adult—would be lucky to call their own.

You won’t believe how simple this actually was to put together, or how he transformed an idea into an amazing bedroom playground, complete with a slide and a secret door.

There’s a WHAT under this bed?!