Batman v. Superman: Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells Who He Thinks Will Win

Oct 8, 2015 at 3:53 pm |

Batman v. Superman: Who Would Win?

We’re only five months away from the premiere of the highly-anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, DC’s big answer to all the superhero goodness we’ve been seeing in Marvel movies. And ever since we knew this film was in production, we’ve been asking: who’s going to win?

Turns out we’re not the only people with this pressing question. In fact, famed astrophysicist and science personality Neil deGrasse Tyson is among the many who are wondering if the Man of Steel or the Caped Crusader would be victorious in such an epic fight.

Now deGrasse Tyson is a smart guy, as exemplified by his statement, “Well we all know, of course, that Batman is human and Superman is Superman. They both have capes, but Batman can’t fly.” Clearly, nothing gets past this guy.

But in all seriousness, deGrasse Tyson kind of iterates what we all know to be the truth in terms of a showdown between the two most famous superheroes of all time, and you might not love what he has to say.

Who do you think would win?