Award-Winning Short Film Will Make You Think Twice About Time Traveling

Jul 13, 2015 at 5:27 pm |

It’s not often that a five-minute film can make its mark on you the same way that a longer work of art can, but One-Minute Time Machine has done just that, in the most delightfully geeky way.

The short is a typical tale of boy meets girl, boy tries to woo girl, but it incorporates time travel in such a cool way that anybody is sure to enjoy this award-winning new spin on romance. The film stars Brian Dietzen as James, a young romantic who has invented a time machine that can take him back exactly one minute in the past, and Erinn Hayes as Regina, a smart and sexy science lover.

The whole time traveling to charm girls has been done before (really well, in fact, in About Time), but there’s something fresh about One-Minute Time Machine that will have you ~going back~ to watch it a second time. Maybe it has to do with that twist at the end…

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Time travel may seem like the easiest way to pick up girls, but there’s one thing this guy forgot. Hilarious!