Audi’s A7 Self-Driving Car Makes a 550-Mile Journey from San Fran to Vegas

Jan 5, 2015 at 11:25 am |

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The future of driving is here!

Audi has accomplished something never done before – a 550-mile historic journey from San Francisco to Vegas completed by this self-driving car. The video above features footage of the car in action with German journalist Sandra Schink along for the ride.

Be sure to keep one eye on the trending hashtag #DrivingNotDriving, when more auto-pilot technology takes over.

Audi is set to make a particularly impressive entrance to the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, with a number of journalists arriving to the conference in its A7 piloted driving concept car. The journey, which began in Stanford, California on January 4 and stopped in Bakersfield, will finish in Las Vegas where CES kicks off on January 6. It will feature 550 miles of piloted highway driving, “with journalists behind the wheel.”

“The test drive from the west coast of California to Las Vegas demonstrates our leadership role in piloted driving,” said Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi board member and head of technical development, in a press release.

Audi posted this footage of the car leaving for its journey on January 4.

Check out some of the footage from the journey in the video below!

Source: Audi Deutschland

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Have you ever been #DrivingNotDriving? Audi completed a 550-mile trip to Vegas! Check it out!