Amazing Infographic Shows Basically Every Spaceship, Ever

Sep 25, 2015 at 11:36 am |

Space… The Final Frontier


spaceships 1

Source: DeviantArt/ DirkLoechel

Ever wonder how many spaceships there are flying around in the universe? One artist did just that, and now we all get to enjoy it.

German graphic designer Dirk Loechel at DeviantArt has made a stunning infographic that’s absolutely jam-packed with pretty much every spaceship or starship you can imagine from a wide variety of all things sci-fi. In total, there are 529 space vessels, ranging from the smallest single-pilot crafts to some of the largest ships we’ve ever seen.

My eyes were immediately drawn to what I knew to be the city destroying ship from Independence Day. Lochel’s got everything from Star Wars to WALL-E, not to mention Star Trek, and the Enterprise looks completely dwarfed compared to some of these things.

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Every starship in the galaxy…on one chart. Amazing.