All the Proof You Need That Daniel Was the Real Bad Guy in ‘The Karate Kid’

Aug 24, 2015 at 12:15 pm |

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Photo by YouTube/ J. Matthew Turner

When it comes to the original 1984 Karate Kid, everyone thinks Mr. Miyagi and “wax on, wax off,” but maybe we’ve been thinking about this movie all wrong for 30 years.

Do you remember Daniel LaRusso? Played by studly ’80s actor Ralph Macchio, Daniel was the film’s so-called “protagonist,” the new guy in school who was taken under the wing of the kindly Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) to learn how to stand up to the vicious pupils of Cobra Kai. Or so we thought.

The hilarious video below happens to feel that Daniel was actually the bad guy in the story, a pugnacious transplant student who did nothing but provoke violence at his new high school. Turns out that the cocky Johnny Lawrence, who is typically viewed as the movie’s main antagonist, is just a victim of Daniel’s violent antics.

Who doesn’t love a humorous twist on a movie classic? This video probably won’t convince you to turn against Daniel, but hey, it’s a great throwback to the summer of ’84. Now I want to go watch the whole movie…

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