’90s Websites Class Reunion Takes You Back to the Early Days of the Internet

Aug 31, 2015 at 12:50 pm |

Welcome to the Internet Class Reunion!

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Source: YouTube/ Cracked

Did you ever stop and wonder what happened to websites like LimeWire or Napster? How about all those old posts you made on your LiveJournal? Does anyone even Ask Jeeves anymore?

The early years of the Internet as we know it were a strange time for all, an exploration of a cyber world still unfamiliar to most. Pioneer websites of the ’90s trailblazed the undiscovered net, bringing us many preliminary versions of services we still have today, such as Spotify or Match.com.

Cracked.com made a hysterical video that brings all your old favorite websites back together for a class reunion that even the least popular high school students would dread going to.

This video was a great concept and an even better execution. The personification of some of these websites is spot-on, like LiveJournal crying in a corner. If nothing else, this sure will make you nostalgic about when the Internet was young! SHARE this with your friends to reminisce a little… and dread your own upcoming reunions.

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