5 Absolutely Crazy Disney Conspiracy Theories

Aug 13, 2015 at 5:40 pm |

disney conspiracy theories frozen tarzan

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Disney and Pixar fans love nothing more than scavenging through the movies and finding as many Easter eggs and potentially related characters and storylines as possible.

If you look up Disney conspiracy theories on the internet, you could spend hours so deep in 4chan and subreddits that you won’t even know the time of day when you come out. You’ll also never look at your favorite Disney characters the same way again.

And while there are many excellent Disney theories out there that beautifully tie together seemingly disconnected plots, there are also a few that are simply too crazy to accept even in the slightest degree. These are 5 theories we just refuse to believe:

5. The Frozen/ Tarzan Relation

disney conspiracy theories tarzan frozen

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There’s been tons of speculation about this theory in the past, but fans’ heads are exploding today after the director of both Frozen and Tarzan “confirmed” his personal beliefs about the two films: that they’re totally related, like, by blood. The theory goes that Anna and Elsa’s parents did not die in the shipwreck, but rather that they stayed adrift with their newborn baby son before washing up on a distant shore, where they were later killed by a leopard.

That means that the baby boy–Anna and Elsa’s brother–is Tarzan. HOLD UP. Aside from the fact that the two couples in question don’t even look alike, there is no way that they would have managed to drift from Scandinavian waters to anywhere tropical, much less to Africa. This is a petty fan theory that people will now only give credit to because in the director’s “fun little world,” this is so.

I refuse to believe these. #3 makes no sense!