21 Smartest People in the World

Feb 28, 2014 at 4:28 pm |

Who is the Smartest Man in the World?

Back when you were in school, there was always that one kid who was smarter than you. But chances are even the teacher’s pet would pale in comparison to these big brained behemoths.

These are the world’s most intelligent people, both based on IQ and contributions to their fields. From movie stars, to magazine columnists, to those who work quietly in classrooms and labs, they are changing the world whether or not you know it.

21. Noam Chomsky

smartest people in the world noam chomsky

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Noam Chomsky is a world-renowned linguist, philosopher, and political commentator. Educated at numerous Ivy League schools, Chomsky is considered “the father of modern linguistics” and is a Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His IQ is unknown.

20. Stephen Hawking

smartest person in the world stephen hawking

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While his name may be much more famous than many on this list, Stephen Hawking’s IQ of 160 is lower than many of his fellow geniuses. Nevertheless, his impact in the realm of theoretical physics and cosmology is beyond comparison.

19. Manahel Thabet

Manahel Thabet is a Yemeni economist and scientist known for becoming the youngest person and only Arab to earned a PhD in Financial Engineering magna cum laude. The winner of multiple awards – including for her humanitarian work through the UN – Thabet boasts an IQ of 168.

If you think Stephen Hawking is the smartest man alive, you don’t know the half of it. These are the smartest people in the world!