17-Year-Old Invented A New Product To Stop Bleeding Immediately!

Jun 23, 2015 at 1:36 pm |

No more bandages, no more stitches?!

joe landolina


Joe Landolina, 22, invented a revolutionary product that will change the face of medicine when he was only 17 years old. It’s called VetiGel and it’s an algae-based polymer that once applied to a wound (and even some organs) stops the bleeding within seconds and heals the wound in minutes! According to Yahoo, this young inventor created this amazing gel in his grandfather’s lab when he was still in high school.

vetigel wound bleeding


Landolina co-founded a biotech company called Suneris that manufactures the ingenious VetiGel. According to their website: “Suneris’ premier product, VETIGEL, is designed exclusively for veterinarians to stop internal and external bleeding. The gel activates blood’s natural clotting process and is made with biocompatible components that can be absorbed directly into the body. By reassembling onto a wound site, VETIGEL mimics the body’s extracellular matrix and accelerates the production of fibrin, which enables the body to clot rapidly.”


“What that means, on the one hand, is that the gel will make a very strong adhesive that holds the wound together,” Landolina says. “But on the other hand, that mesh acts as a scaffold to help the body produce fibrin at the wound’s surface.”

VetiGel is shipping out to veterinarians in a month or two and in a few years will be available to humans.

The future is meow for cats and dogs!

It also heals wounds in minutes! Give it to me now!